thank you, thank you, thank you

Thank you for electing me to the El Camino Healthcare District and giving me the opportunity to serve you. I trust I can count on your support again. I have kept my campaign promise to you to work for better accountability, responsible budgeting, and for increased transparency and community benefit dollars. These important improvements have been implemented and our meeting are now webcast.
In this term I will focus on maintaining local control for the long-teem viability of our hospital, and on quality of patient safety and patient care, while reducing the cost of improved health service to the public.  I am an avid supporter of the new  behavioral health building for increased mental health care for our community.

My experience in local and regional politics, as Mayor of Sunnyvale, and as a Lockheed Martin employee, have taught me to build alliances and be accountable. My experience on the board of the Association of California Healthcare Districts gives me additional experience to continue serving you at El Camino Hospital. I am energetic, dependable, accountable to my constituent, and a good listener.  I would be honored to receive your support and vote.